Tormetais takes pride in having a wide range of equipment that gives the quality of products according to specifications.

With support in modernism and come technological, a company specialized in skilled labor in all its products.

From Ø5 to Ø36, being versatile to work in brass and steel for simple and fast processes.

Lathes, multi-purpose, for production of large quantities, including high-pressure multi-wires.

The tormetais have more than 25 CNC’s up to 10 controlled axes, being possible to machine from Ø5 to Ø100 mm, being the machine park consisting of DMG MORI and HYUNDAY machines.

We have machining centers for pallets for machining in series.

CNC saw blades for all types of materials, so that it can be machined piece by piece.

They allow versatility and speed, without losing the usual quality.